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  • Windows Mobile
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Sunnysoft Contacts es compatible con tu sistema operativo:

  • Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone
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  • Español
  • Inglés
  • Italiano



Versiones de Sunnysoft Contacts

Todas las versiones de Sunnysoft Contacts
Versión Licencia Idioma S.O.
Sunnysoft Contacts 1.1 19/06/12 De prueba Español
  • Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone

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Update of the first complete contacts from Windows Mobile. Adjust contacts to your actual needs. This application make management of them significantly quicker. It integrates in the system and provides user missing functionality. Attractive customizable looks together with big keyboard for comfortable searching and quick saving of your contacts are only few of many advantages the application offers.


  • NEW!! Hardware keyboard support
  • NEW!! Sorted Menu (sent and received items...)
  • NEW!! Possibility to save a phone number from calls history to a list of contacts
  • put in numbers and search contacts with your fingers
  • searching contacts by name, surname,company name or email at the same time (uses T9 principle, system only searches via name)
  • contact history for: sent/received messages (SMS,MMS,emails) and call history
  • quickly save new contact directly by entering number and use smart icon
  • different skins and sizes and fonts for keyboard (text input with fingers)
  • keyboards layout for several languages
  • support for searching latin characters, dicritics, greek alphabet, hebrew and russian characters
  • quick buttons at each contact enable:send messages instantly,make calls, show contact photo
  • define order and position of quick buttons
  • turn on/off upper alhabetical index and vertical scrollbar hold navigation key in different directions (HW key) to search and make choices
  • smart signs at telephone numbers for immediate distinction between mobile,car, office number etc.
  • possibility to enter a contact with double click(defaultly it is one touch which often causes inadvertently entering contact)
  • appearance optimalization for WM6
  • full system integration

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